Family Law Practice in Lockport, NY


Dealing with the legalities is what we do

At my law office in Lockport, NY, I’ll ensure that your best interests are always at the forefront of everything I do. My work as an attorney is to provide you with the most comprehensive, effective, and fair legal representation in Lockport. I’m on your side and understand that everyone's needs are unique. I respect my clients and work hard to ensure the representation given is fair, unbiased, and just.

As a divorce lawyer, the focus is on values.

I’m dedicated to providing my clients with fair and honest service. From acting as a divorce lawyer to acting as a real estate attorney, I’m here to provide you with the best possible legal representation in Lockport. We'll discuss your issues and concerns, and I’ll give you the best legal advice I can, no matter what your situation may be. You can rely on me to provide you with sound legal representation and advice at every turn.

The team

From my law office in Lockport, I’ve been practice in a wide range of legal areas for over 11 years. I pride myself on providing prompt and personalized service to my clients. Even if you need legal advice in an area of law in which I do not practice, you can count on me to refer you to an attorney who is an expert in that field. My goal is to ensure you receive the attention you deserve.

More than a criminal defense lawyer.

Delivering sound legal advice and representation is something I’ve been doing for many years now across a number of specialized areas as a criminal defense attorney, family law practice, divorce lawyer, child support lawyer, DWI lawyer, wills and estate planning, real estate attorney, litigation, business law, and general legal support.

Arrange a visit to my law office in Lockport by calling (716) 280-7847 today. We'll discuss your legal issues in depth, and choose a course of action to help you achieve the best results.